MSG profile

MSG who we are

MSG group of companies established to help countries in the area build capacity in different areas to bring peace by helping these countries build security to ensure safety and decent living standards to populations vulnerable to militant and terrorist attacks.
MSG is a group consisting of Eastern Defense manufacturing research and development co, Orient Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Co., and armoring military and civilian vehicles, manufacturing armored personnel carriers.
E Falcon Co. provides security, logistics, and support for a wide spectrum of governmental, international, and private sector organizations. In additional legal group specializes in law and regulation covering the entire MENA region along with a list of distinguished partners supplying properly designed equipment delivered on time along with training, maintenance, and warranty for mission-ready solutions for your security problems.

What makes MSG special

MSG group has been distinguished in working on all contractual levels in many areas whether on design, development, manufacturing or consulting and supplying. Our experts in the defense and security field have helped and worked with a number of countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Far East, and North America regions to name a few:
Jordan, UAE, Iraq, Morocco, Kuwait, KSA, Indonesia, South Africa, Senegal, Indonesia, France, US, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Cyprus, Peru, Chili, and some other NATO countries.

Our Belief

We believe, ongoing research and development, innovative design, and manufacturing for dependability to work under extremist conditions are the pillars of successful manufacturing of solutions built to solve your security problems.
There is always the right product for the right problem, combined with a supply chain connecting us with the best in the field partners gives us the ability to optimize design and manufacturing or simply supply the best solution for your security anytime, anywhere.

Dependable Partner

MSG is a capable, dependable, professional, consistent ally that respects the sensitivity and secrecy of partners’ business and helps them achieve their goals. We have been consistently diligent in succeeding and completing missions, solving our clients’ security problems for the past Fourteen years.
Working either alone or with our partners, we were always doing the right thing at the right time. We have succeeded where others have failed by understanding the market and the value of a dependable partner by extending these values to our clients, thus enabling us to be where we are now.
There are no small problems in the security business, all problems are just as important and are dealt with within the same standards and parameters.